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A series of cozy mysteries by the author,
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The Debut Cozy Mystery

Passion! in Park Slope

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What exactly is a “cozy” mystery?

An amateur sleuth, an unsuspecting victim, a quirky supporting cast, and trail of clues and red herrings are the main ingredients of a cozy mystery.


In a cozy, there is a happily ever after and justice is served. That does not always happen in the real world. A cozy is a brief escape from the troubles of the real world, and I, for one, plan to take that escape over and over again.


Amanda Flower, Agatha Award-winning Author

With everything happening in the world today, is it any wonder that after watching the nightly news or reading the day’s newspaper, a reader might choose to bury themselves in a nice cozy mystery?

~  Margaret Loudon. Best Selling Author of Cozy Mysteries 

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About Carol

Born in Texas, Carol Graham currently lives and works as a realtor in NYC and the Hudson Valley.


Before moving to Brooklyn, she did a variety of work — in the ski business, as a bartender, a massage therapist, a driver for hang glider pilots, a photographer, and once even worked in a bullet factory.


Her love for all things Brooklyn began the day she moved to the city from New Mexico more than twenty years ago, and has only grown as she has gotten to know and appreciate the neighborhoods and the people who live there. 


Carol is also a member of the Woodstock Writers Group and a two-time winner of the Woodstock BookFest Story Slam! 


Click here to see Carol's April 2023 Slam

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It started out with realtor Cara Gerard showing two million dollar properties in one of Brooklyn's favorite neighborhoods, a typical afternoon in NYC real estate. Then Cara and, all of Park Slope, are stunned when she discovers the body of the borough's top broker in the kitchen of a beautiful brownstone apartment. Can Cara use her down-home Texas common sense and NYC street smarts to find important clues to the crime? With the help of her quirky friends and the attractive Detective Driscoll, will her sleuthing reveal the killer? Can she uncover the murderer before she finds herself in a life-threatening situation as well? 

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